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Hubei New Chufeng Auto Co. Ltd.

  • Registered Year:0
  • Main Products:Sprinkler, flat-bed truck, tractor, tank truck, van truck, CangShan type truck, truck, etc
  • Operational Address:China Hubei Suizhou


Hubei new ChuFeng auto co., LTD. Is China Hengtian's subsidiary, was founded in June 2010, by the China Hengtian and Suizhou goverment cooperation, owned by Jingwei Textile Machinery Company Limited on the original hubei special purpose vehicle factory (founded in March 2007) strategic restructuring. The company is located in the hometown of yan emperor shen nong, has "township of the ancient bell music," said the China of special vehicles - draws two water economic development zone, the registered capital of 460 million yuan, covers an area of 710 mu, is the only home draws is engaged in the medium-duty commercial vehicles, passenger cars, pure electric car research and development, production and sales and service of high and new technology in automobile production enterprises.

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